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Sinking Cuttlefish ~ Suitable for all Tropical & Cold Water Tanks ~ Shrimp ~ Snails ~ Etc


We use these in all of our tanks, as we have slightly acidic water, which is not good for the shells of snails etc.  Adding calcium into your tank will benefit all your fish, snails, shrimps etc.

The Cuttlefish are a 100% natural product, and therefore the one you receive will differ from those photographed in the listing. 

I have pre-drilled the cuttlefish, and they will arrive in a fish bag , with a small amount of water to help keep them wet. Do not allow them to dry out as they will then float, instead of sinking.  Therefore, do not open the wet bag, until you are ready to place the cuttlefish into the tank you want to use it in.

I will also send a clear cable tie, and a clear sucker so you can attach the cuttlefish to the glass of your tank if you prefer.  We choose to have the cuttlefish slightly visible so we can see when it needs replacing.  But you can tuck it away in a corner, behind a filter etc, if you prefer. 

I need time to prepare the cuttlefish, as I don’t keep them sinkable and wet until needed.  So please take this into consideration when placing your order.

Any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly